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You have your first booking request. Now what?

First off, congratulations! Getting your first booking request is exciting but it can also be a little intimidating. The idea of renting your rig and making some extra cash is fun but now you’ve actually got to lend your rig out! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels this way. While letting go of your rig for the first time might be nerve wracking, it gets easier and easier when you know there are renters enjoying it as much as you do. You are now a part of families making memories that will last them a lifetime!

Here is what to do once you get that first booking request. 

Once you have logged in to your dashboard, you’ll see your rental request from your potential renter. Look over the request and get a feel for who the renters are! Send them a message through the platform to get to know them and ask about their trip. If they have provided enough information for you to feel comfortable approving the rental right there, go ahead and click on “Accept” next to the Reservation Request to send the approval back to your renter so they can finalize and pay the reservation deposit. Now it’s time to prepare your RV.

This means clean and clean some more! (Because you want a good rating, right?). Then check the tires, signals, fluids, mileage and anything else that might need changing, fixing or topping up. You want your renters to feel comfortable, safe and right at home while using your vehicle. Make sure to review the key exchange process so you don’t miss any steps! Make sure all paperwork is signed by the renter (RV contract, RV departure and return forms) and pre-trip and return photos are taken.

You can also create an intro letter to give to your renters. Then print this pre-arrival checklist and go over it before every rental departure.

Pro tip- The more personalised the owner makes the experience, the better the ratings. When you’re discussing the renter’s plan, try asking questions that will give you an idea of what they like.  Even something as small as leaving a personally addressed welcome note in the rig will make the experience that much better.