10 Small Pull Behind Campers to Buy In 2023

Jen YoungFebruary 28, 2023

10 Small Pull Behind Campers to Buy In 2023

Large motorhomes are great, except when you consider the cost and fuel efficiency. They lack in both areas. That’s why many campers and glampers are gravitating towards smaller motorhomes.

Small pull-behind campers are known for being compact. They are compact enough to be pulled by most vans or cars and fit into the tightest of parking spaces. 

If you’re looking for the best pull-behind camper trailers to buy, this article is for you. Here is a list of the top 10 small camper trailers, including their features and cost, to help you in the buying process. All of the trailers are rated highly by experts and users. And if you’d like to try one before you buy, check out our inventory of trailers to find the one that’s best for you.

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What are Small Pull Behind Campers?

Small pull-behind campers aren’t a new invention, but many people still know little about them.

Small camper trailers are usually labeled as micro campers or teardrop trailers. A micro camper is any towable trailer that weighs less than 1,500 pounds. They are designed for efficiency and to fit into tight spaces.

Likewise, teardrop trailers are small trailers that weigh 1,500 pounds or less. They usually have an aerodynamic design with a tapered rear, thus creating a teardrop-shaped profile.

Another type of camper trailer that can be categorized as a small pull-behind camper is the squaredrop camper. These are very similar to a teardrop trailer, except they have a square, boxy design.

Do Small Pull-Behind Campers Have Bathrooms?

Small pull behind campers are designed to be compact. So most manufacturers leave out bathrooms when designing the trailer.

Thus, small pull-behind campers do not have bathrooms. You may find a wet bathroom or an exterior bathroom in some cases. But that’s about it.

In this list, we’ve included a few camper trailers with bathrooms.

That being said, here is a list of the top 10 small pull-behind campers you can buy in 2022. You’ll find some familiar brands, but there are also lesser-known startups creating some world-class small trailers.

  1. Earth Traveler T250LX
  • Length – 10.5 feet (11 feet open)
  • Height – 3 feet (7.2 feet open)
  • Weight – 250 lbs
  • Occupancy – 2 adults and 2 kids 
  • Price – $38,500

If you’re looking for the smallest pull behind a camper, it has to be the Earth Traveler T250LX. This one-piece teardrop trailer is so lightweight that even a car like Chevrolet Spark can tow it. 

The trailer, when in motion, measures 5 feet in height and 10.5 feet in length. But once parked, you can expand it to 7 feet tall. The trailer opens up from all angles with two pop-up roofs. 

The interior is pretty basic, and you get a removable mat floor, weatherproof tents, sidewalls, LED lights, two lounge cushions, two cup holders, and a portable water tank with a capacity of 5.22 gallons.

It weighs just 250 lbs, the lightest in the range. The 100% carbon fiber chassis also helps in keeping the weight down. So despite being lightweight, the camper trailer is strong as well.

It can accommodate two sleeping pads of size 26″ X 93″ for the night. There are also skylight blackout covers and side door window curtains to opaque the trailers from all angles for privacy. There are five LED lights inside the camper for sufficient lighting.

  1. Tiny Camper 4×8 Rugged Rhino
  • Length – 12 feet
  • Height – 6 feet
  • Weight – 890 lbs
  • Best for – Two adults
  • Price – $7,300

As evident from the name, this small trailer camper is made for heavy-duty purposes. 

If your glamping spot is deep in the woods, you can take the squaredrop trailer off-roading into the rough terrains. The hardy off-road tires, along with Dexter Axles, safety chains, couplers, and the rear hitch, provide the much-needed durability.

It’s one of the few small pull behind campers with an air conditioner. The 5,000 BTU A/C unit is provided to dissipate heat and keep the interior cool.

The interior — which can be accessed from both sides — is spacious at 46.5″ x77″ and sturdy. The floor is made of hardwood to withstand the rough roads. Along with that, you will find a cargo net, cupboards, LED lights, a wall mount heater, and a 150-250 Watt portable power station.

Also included among the amenities is the rear galley. The galley consists of a sink with a faucet, a pump, a small workspace, and storage space. The unit is coated with Rhino Liner, which makes it durable.

Rugged Rhino is also easy to clean and care for. The metallic finish allows you to get rid of mud and dust easily. So no more hard work after the off-road trips to the countryside.

  1. Taxa Outdoors Cricket
  • Length – 15 feet 
  • Height – 6.11 feet (9 feet open)
  • Weight – 1,800 lbs
  • Best for – Two adults, two children
  • Price – $34,950

Cricket is another small pull-behind camper good for off-roading, built to handle the outdoors.

But it has got superior features and amenities, courtesy of its NASA-inspired design. You have in-built plumbing and electrical systems in place to make the experience more enjoyable.

At 1,800 lbs (1,753 lbs dry weight), it’s towable by most four-cylinder vehicles. When at the parking site, expand the roof to 9 feet to get the extra space.

One of the USP of Cricket is the redesigned, full-fledged kitchen. It features a large countertop, two burner stoves, a sink, and a 16-gallon gray water tank. So meal prepping should never be an issue.

The interior has a full-size bed and kid berths. Interestingly, you get 25 cubic feet of storage under the bed. Three milk crates are included to hold more stuff if needed. 

Adding a 5,000 BTU air conditioner is optional. But it is designed for cross ventilation with five swing windows and five mesh windows, ensuring comfort throughout the trip. 

  1. Droplet XL
  • Length – 15 feet
  • Height – 5.5 feet
  • Weight – 1050 lbs
  • Best for – Two adults, two kids
  • Price – $20,000

Droplet is a well-known brand in the teardrop trailer space, and the XL is its newest offering. Unlike previous models, the Canadian startup has designed this for longer trips. So expect a lot of comfy features.

First off, there is a 6-inch queen-sized mattress that occupies the majority of the cabin floor. But there’s enough storage space to accommodate laptops, cameras, and luggage. Furthermore, you have storage compartments on either side of the trailer that can make room for folding camping tables and chairs.

The company has also included a fully-functioning kitchen with a countertop, portable dual burner, sink, and a slide-out fridge. There’s some added storage over the countertop to accommodate kitchenware. 2 LED lamps allow you to cook inside the trailer, should you feel like it.

Closed-cell aluminum laminated foam provides superior insulation, making the Droplet XL an all-weather teardrop trailer. 

With windows all around the cabin and a skylight at the top, you get an all-in view of the glamping spot. It’s almost like a rolling observatory for endless stargazing.

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  1. Aliner Grand Ascape ST
  • Length – 14 feet
  • Height – 8.4 feet
  • Weight – 1,700 lbs
  • Best for – 2 adults
  • Price – $19,500

Aliner has been setting the benchmark for other companies when it comes to hard-side pop-up campers. And the Grand Ascape ST is an extension of that legacy.

A wet bathroom consisting of a toilet and shower is the most notable feature of this travel camper. Opposite it is a kitchenette with a two-burner stovetop and sink. Under it, you’re going to find a three-way refrigerator. 6.4 feet of headroom allows you to move freely without hurting your neck.

As you go deeper, you’ll find a dinette set and a table. The dinette readily converts into a queen-size bed.

Unlike other small travel campers on this list, the Grand Ascape has the entry on the back. This helps with arranging your stuff better inside the trailer. 

Aliner Ascape is available in three models: Ascape Plus, Grand Ascape Plus, and Grand Ascape ST. All of them have more or less the same amenities with different standard and optional offerings. 

Soon after the release in 2019, the demand for this pull-behind camper was sky-high. Aliner had to temporarily suspend production in 2021 to streamline product quality and customer service.

  1. Little Guy Micro Max
  • Length – 15.11 feet 
  • Height – 7.25 feet
  • Weight – 1,780 lbs
  • Best for – 3-4 adults
  • Price – $25,000

Micro and Max are two contradictory terms. But as you’ll see, this trailer camper justifies both.

First off, the camper is only 15 feet long and 6.8 feet wide. That makes it very compact to fit into any garage or parking spot. Thanks to its design and Azdel composite sidewall and roof, it weighs 1780 lbs.

Inside the small camper trailer, there’s enough space for six adults with a sleeping arrangement for three adults. You’d find a lot of appliances inside with the availability of 5,000 BTU Frigidaire AC, 6-gallon electric water heater, 16,000 BTU furnace with a digital thermostat, 14″ roof vent fan, LED lights, and an LCD TV.

The kitchen area is just as impressive. To prepare your favorite meals, you get a microwave, dual-burner stove, a 19 cu. ft. refrigerator, sink, and adjustable shelves

The lack of a toilet is compensated by an outdoor shower. Also, there are two rear receivers that act as storage racks. This is in addition to a 40-inch exterior cargo compartment.

The Micro-Max is already named one of the best new models for 2022. Thus, it’s in high demand among glampers.

  1. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK
  • Length – 15.6 feet 
  • Height – 8.6 feet
  • Weight – 1,900 lbs
  • Best for – 2 adults
  • Price – $19,500

The Bushwhacker teardrop trailer is for adventure-seekers. With a compact design, a sturdy metallic body, and oversized 75-R15C tires, it promises to take you to places other trailers in the range can’t.

The interior has everything you’d need on a glamping trip. The E-Z bed that folds into a U-Dinette within a minute can accommodate two to three people. Windows on both sides (that are tinted for privacy) are big enough to offer a complete view of the surrounding area.

There is no need to set up a fire to cook meals as the Bushwhacker has a two-stove burner to cook and a 12-V three-way refrigerator to store food. The camper trailer is fully self-contained with a shower and toilet, which is a big plus. 

Temperature regulation would never be a problem with the Bushwhacker. It has a 5,000-BTU air conditioner and a 12,000-BTU furnace to change the temperature at will. Along with that, you’ve got a 3-speed attic fan.

The Bushwhacker is ideal for off-roading. If your vehicle can tow 3,000 pounds, this is the camper for you

  1. Winnebago Micro Minnie
  • Length – 23 feet 
  • Height – 10.33 feet
  • Weight – 3,700 lbs
  • Best for – Five to six adults
  • Price – $36,542

At 23 feet, this is undoubtedly not the smallest of the camper trailers on this list. But the Micro Minnie is categorized as a ‘compact camper’ and is small enough to yield a higher mpg and better maneuverability.

You can expect all the necessary features that a family camper offers. This includes an EZ Glide sofa sleeper with mattress, refrigerator, LCD TV, microwave, furnace, and air conditioning. The kitchen is pretty big compared to other models and features a sink and faucet along with a storage compartment.

You’d love the dry bathroom with the availability of a shower, sink, toilets, and a 25-gallon black water tank.

This Winnebago camper trailer has also focused on providing open-air entertainment. Power awning is included as standard. Along with that, you have the patio speakers and LED lighting. 

The Micro Minnie also rides better as you have the Torflex Dexter axles and four 15-inch off-road tires.

If you opt for this trailer camper, you’d have a lot of options at your disposal. The Micro Minne is available in 10 different models, all of which vary in floorplans, guest capacity, features, and cost.

  1. Meaner Bean
  • Length – 14 feet 
  • Height – 7.4 feet
  • Weight – 2,000 lbs
  • Best for – Two adults
  • Price – $25,990

Meaner Bean (the successor to the popular Mean Bean) is small yet designed to handle the roughest of treatments. High 17-inch ground clearance, independent suspension system, and radial AT tires will take the trailer to any spot.

It’s constructed using single-piece fiberglass and coated with marine-grade paint. The interior is provided with abrasion-resistant wall covers, which offer the much-needed insulation.

Inside the camper, you’ll find an ample amount of storage space. The TROFAST compatible shelving system is one of the standouts in the Bean. And then you can find two large drawers under the main cabinet and an attic over it. So you can carry some extra clothes or items to the spot.

You can transform the couch into a bed for the night, which can easily accommodate two adults. Furthermore, there’s a bunk for small children and pets.

The camper trailer comes with a roof rack so you can carry your mountain bikes or other outdoor gear. Also, take advantage of the front storage rack that comes with the battery box.

  1. nuCamp TAB 400
  • Length – 18.3 feet 
  • Height – 7.9 feet
  • Weight – 2,840 lbs
  • Best for – Three adults
  • Price – $31,941

The TAB 400 (stylized as T@B) is the last pull-behind camper trailer on the list. But at 18.3 feet, it should suit your need for a small trailer.

TAB 400 has got all the bases covered. As you enter the trailer, you’ll find a queen-size sleeping area, a wet bath, a galley, a dinette, and plenty of storage space. The sleeping and dining section are separate. And you can transform the dining area (which consists of sofas and cushions) into a second bed.

This small camper trailer is also equipped with comfort features like air conditioning, a water heater, Alde Central Heat, a 24-inch LCD TV, and Bluetooth Media Center. The large 20-lb propane tank also aids in that pursuit.

The TAB 400 is ideal for those who want to go on an extended camping trip. The solar roof and a high-capacity battery ensure you stay longer off-the-grid without worrying about energy.

It’s towable with any four-cylinder vehicle. And because of the compact size, you can park it anywhere with ease.

You have three different floor plans to choose from. So you get to pick the one that suits your lifestyle.

How to Select the Best Pull Behind Camper?

If you’ve read this far, it’s understandable that the list can be overwhelming. All of the camper trailers are compact and high on utility.

To pick the best of the lot, here are a few things you should consider:

  • The purpose

Are you buying the camper trailer for off-roading? Or do you intend to take it only to the RV parks with paved roads? The pull behind camper trailers in each case will vary.

There are specific models like Taxa Outdoors and Meaner Bean explicitly designed to traverse rough terrains. Such trailers are also called overland trailers. They are equipped with suspension, electric brakes, C-channel frame construction, and an all-metal body, among other things.

You usually won’t find those features in pop-up campers like Traveler T250LX. Therefore, you should always buy with a purpose.

  • The size

You’ll be buying a small pull-behind camper, but balancing size with comfort is recommended. After all, you wouldn’t want to travel in a trailer where you’re crammed the entire time.

To select the right size, calculate the total number of campers you have for the trip. The smallest camper trailers can accommodate two adults. The smallest campers will be fine if you plan to take a trip with your spouse or fiancé.

However, they will not be appropriate for families with children. So you’d need a relatively bigger trailer.

Calculate the square footage of the trailer and check if that’d be enough to accommodate everyone.

  • The storage

Storage space is just as crucial as trailer size. That’s because a lack of it can give you headaches throughout the trip.

So when prospecting, check the racks, shelves, and cabinets and make sure they’re large enough to accommodate all your belongings. Some trailers have external storage and under-bed storage as well. These come in really handy if you carry more-than-usual accessories.

  • Your lifestyle

How you live inside the RV would determine which type of RV you need to buy.

For example, are you someone who likes to cook their own food during the trip? Then a trailer with a well-equipped kitchen is a must. 

Does it become hard for you to adjust to higher temperatures? Then, consider a pull-behind camper that has air conditioning. Are you a shopaholic who likes to buy stuff during the trip? It’s better to invest in a trailer that has more storage units.

You need to take these small things into account when selecting a pull-behind camper trailer.

  • The towing vehicle

Before you choose a camper trailer, you need to look at the towing vehicle first. Most campers make the mistake of generalizing towability. But the key here is to be specific.

Ideally, you should invest in a camper trailer that your car, van, or truck can tow. The vehicle’s towing capacity should be more than the camper trailer’s gross weight. There should be a difference of at least 40-50 pounds, if not less.

The other things you need to consider are the drive system (4WD vs AWD vs RWD) and transmission.

Camper trailers have recommendations on which type of vehicles are suited for towing them. So be specific and select a trailer accordingly.

  • The budget

Last but not least, it’s the budget that matters. The camper trailers mentioned above range from $7,000 to $40,000. The price will further increase or decrease depending on the add-ons you request to include. 

It’s recommended that you balance budget with features and plan for the long-term rather than buying on price point alone.

Instead of buying a brand-new camper trailer, why not rent one at a fraction of the cost? Outdoorsy has hundreds of RVs listed for rent all across the US.

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