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What are the seatbelt requirements for RVs?

It’s always a good rule of thumb to take a safety first approach in any vehicle. That’s why all states require seat belts for every passenger in an RV, including passengers in the cabin area. In addition, Outdoorsy terms and conditions state the following:

“Renter acknowledges that Outdoorsy has no control over the number of passengers a Renter may allow into the rental or the conduct of those occupants while the rental is being operated. Therefore, Renter acknowledges that Renter is solely responsible for the passengers on board the rental as well as the conduct of those passengers, and Renter and Owner shall confirm that both driver and passengers are properly using seat belts while the rental is in motion.”

As our terms and conditions are linked to our insurance coverage requirements, all drivers and passengers are required to use seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion. Your insurance coverage may be denied or adversely impacted as a renter if you, or any of your passengers, do not use seat belts.