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Renter Pre-Arrival Checklist

It’s easy to forget all the little things that go into preparing your RV for rental, but the attention to detail will be much appreciated. Refer to our Pre-Arrival Checklist to make sure you tackle everything before meeting your renter. In addition to following this checklist, make sure to take photos of your rig both before and after your renter’s trip, documenting any pre-existing damage. 

Our checklist covers the following steps:

  1. Exterior Cleaning
  2. Interior Cleaning
  3. Tire Inspection
  4. Routine Maintenance
  5. Fluid Check
  6. Signals Check
  7. System & Features Check
  8. Drive Test
  9. Paperwork
  10. Time Allotment for a Walkthrough & Send-Off

As far as paperwork goes, make sure you:

You will need this documentation if you wish to file a claim following the trip return.